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The 3 McKee Brothers, all once Independent Contractors for FedEx Ground, initially opened up the Farmville shop in 2017 to service their FedEx fleets. After years of purchasing hundreds of tires a month, the McKee boys became an official tire distribution company with access to a wide assortment of tires used for autos, trucks and farm equipment. The service center has since taken over the fleet maintenance for several local area businesses and responsible for ensuring those vehicles consistently stay on the road producing revenue in the Greenville NC area market.

The first of the McKee’s to contract with FedEx Ground and one of the pioneers of the Home Delivery and Ground “overlap” model, Tom McKee transitioned out of the P&D business in 2018 after 15 years and into the linehaul trucking world.  Tom owns Thomas J. McKee and Associates, Inc. and manages a fleet of over 25 tractors that ship goods throughout the 48 continental United States.  Tom is a recipient of the FedEx Ground Humanitarian of the Year Award. Tom is now 100% owner of McKee3.

Mike McKee has run a successful FedEx Ground delivery company, Michael C. McKee and Associates, Inc., since 2009.  He has assembled and mentored a great team of managers behind him to lead a large team of drivers that operate 7 days a week delivering to over 2000 homes and businesses daily.  Mike is a former nominee of the coveted FedEx Contractor of the Year Award.

Frank McKee sold his FedEx P&D business in 2021 and now runs NC Route Consultants, North Carolina’s premier FedEx route brokerage which allows him to combine his logistics experience with his 20 year career as an Accounting & Finance Executive for ESPN to uniquely service his clients looking to buy and sell FedEx routes.   His company partners with Etruck Acquisition and Exit Consulting, providing the most comprehensive suite of services for FedEx Ground contractors.

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Comprehensive Towing service

Towing services are important for a variety of reasons. At McKee3, our team can help you out in emergency situations, such as when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or if you need to quickly transport a large object that won’t fit inside your vehicle. Our towing services can also be helpful if you have had an accident and need to get your vehicle to a repair shop or even towed away from the scene entirely. Furthermore, our tow truck drivers are trained professionals who know how to handle difficult driving conditions and any mechanical issues that might arise while we are helping you move your vehicle. This means not only will we get your car where it needs to go safely, but we can do it faster than if you were doing it yourself.

We offer comprehensive towing services, including flatbed, wheel lift, and medium-duty tow truck services, as well as numerous others. We have the latest equipment on hand, which ensures the safety of your vehicle during transit. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to safely relocating your vehicle, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure its safe arrival at its destination.

For reliable and authentic towing services, call us today! We are ready to assist you with any situation that may arise. With our dedication to providing superior service, we will ensure that your vehicle is safely relocated in no time.